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Woorien Launches AI imaging solution development for Veterinary


1. MOU협약을 체결한 (왼쪽부터) 우리엔 고석빈 대표와 메디컬아이피 박상준 대표.jpg

▲ CEO Ko Seok-bin (Woorien, left) and CEO Park Sand-joon (Medical IP, right) are posing for a picture after the MOU


Woorien’s new spiral liner CT is going to meet AI solution to optimize animal diagnosis


Woorien (CEO Ko Seok-bin), HQ of Myvet imaging Inc. in the Rep. of Korea announced on Feb 5th that the company will launch AI solution development for Veterinary by a joint effort with Medical IP (CEO Park Sang-joon).

Two companies signed on MOU to develop AI imaging solution that specializes in animal diagnosis. MyvetCTi3D (click the link to view the product), a new spiral liner CT system that delivers superior soft-tissue images is going to meet with VET AI solution supported by Medical IP which previously got FDA approval for medical AI solutions.

Woorien has set up a goal to unveil AI solution specializes in VET diagnosis by the end of this year and focus on commercialization of the product.

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