Vatech Networks

We aim at creating sustainable jobs and preserving happiness for our members.
And we pledge to works a better word based on community and ethics.


Vatech Networks’s
holding company

Digital x-ray parts 
and materials  company

Dental x-ray system


Materials and total
dental solutions company

Dental diagnostic software

Food and cultural service company

Veterinary imaging & software
solution company

Medical device engineering
and solution company

Vatech Networks

We Explore specialized fields for a better world,
and work towards fostering  happiness.



  • People who create technology  that has not existed  before in the world
  • People who create products and services that benefit clients’ lives
  • People who work smart by eliminating unnecessary work

People who practice happiness

  • People who contribute to a better world through technology and sharing
  • People who cherish their family and drive their lives
  • People who practice happiness through various perspectives and experiences

Numeric View of Vatech Networks


Number of Employees


Number of exporting countries

91 %

The proportion of exports in sales

477 billion KRW

2022 Sales

30 %

R&D Workforce

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