Vertical Integration

With cutting-edge technologies, we’ve gained insights from various successes and failures.
Vatech Networks upholds a vertical integration of different fields to create optimized products for our customers faster than anyone.


Dental Imaging
Digital X-Ray
Core Parts
Dental Application Software
Veterinary Software

R&D and Production of Conbeam CT

We developed the world's first 3-in-1 System, capable of taking panoramas, CTs, and cephalo (orthodontics imaging) with one system.


Design and Production of detectors

We introduced market innovations such as CMOS ASIC based x-ray detector
and production technology for FPD x-ray detector.


Medical Imaging Technology

We developed an image processing algorithm dedicated to high-resolution images and 3D tomography for faster and efficient diagnosis.


Smart Factory

In a smart factory, Workers continuously strive to improve their knowledge, professionalism, and accountability.

Systematic procedures and methods are introduced in each process to keep our productiveness accountable and maximized.


AGV System

After implementing an integrated Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and VATECH MES manufacturing process distribution system, we saw a 20% increase in production.

Process Automation

We automated facilities and improved the efficiency of the workforce with the IT system unique to Vatech Networks.
the number speaks for its outcome.
Our productivity rose 3 times more massive and achieved a process yield of 97%.

Carousel System

We optimized logistics and workflow
to manage incoming materials and parts more efficiently and faster.

Quality First

We endorse continuous education and exchange for quality improvement and provide customers real-time response through our Issue Tracking System.


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