Cyber Audit Office

Consent for collecting and handling personal information

  1. Personal information we collect

    Personal Data may include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address

  2. Purpose of collection and utilization of personal information

    We collect personal information for the purpose of confirming the facts of the report / consultation contents and the processing result

    We will request prior consent if the purpose of use is changed.

  3. Retention and use period of personal information

    The personal information we collect will be destroyed without delay after the purpose of use is achieved

You may not agree with the collection and processing of personal information, and if you do not agree, you may have limited access to the use of the Ethical Management website.

is Required.

Contents of report

(The company where the object of report belongs to)

Your Concern

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Answer the result
Counseling available
Additional questions related to the report
Please list the people who know of or may know of the issue.
Please recommend the best way to check/ investigate the issue.
How did you become aware of this issue?
How long do you think the issue lasted?
What is your relationship to the company?
Report reception confirmation information
Receipt Number
Password Confirm password

The informant must keep the report receipt number, as we do not provide the procedure for reconfirming the information number and password.
The person in charge will contact you separately at the information processing stage using the method of reply (telephone or e-mail) you wish to provide.

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