As a company, we work hard for profits.
Sustainable growth in businessprovides us stable jobs and a ground for happiness. 
Vatech’s professionalism is what drives our growth.

Vatech’s Professionalism is based on three principals




Leaders at Vatech Networks 

don’t stamp on papers.
they open up discussions and deliver decisions on time.


we evaluate everyone based on
his/her performance, not titles.



Collective intelligence is vital in our works.
we discuss, develop, and bring forth ideas together


Based on the in-house IT system,
we collaborate with 100 partners around the world 24/7.




Information is valuable only when it is shared.
we believe sharing is essential for good performance.


Every output is shared instantly on our JIRA-based system,
reducing unnecessary reports and meetings.




Embracing a new perspective helps us keep moving.
To encourage creative ideas at the workplace, we follow ‘how-to-do a real meeting’ rules:


Do we have to gather around a table for a meeting?

As long as everyone can participate and contribute,
where and how to hold a meeting is less important.

Aren’t you spending too much time
on making meeting handouts?

The essence of a meeting is finding a solution
for the problems we face.

What was the point of your meeting?

Meetings without a clear goal and action
are only time-consuming events.

Do you believe
that work is done once the meeting is over?

Meeting logs keep everyone accountable.
Once a meeting is over, we review the log together
and take practical action.

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