Let’s practice
happiness together

If daddy and mom are too busy that they cannot spare time for children, we call it a happy family
That’s why we pay close attention to our employee’s hearts as much as sustainable growth of the company.

We find our hearts filled with joy when we feel that our loved ones support us and see that our actions make other happiness.
We hope that more and more employees can have experience it with us by practicing how to serve community and spend a quality time with loved ones.



Hearts devoted to a better life

In the workplace where you spend most of the day, we hope you find as many opportunities with us as possible to enjoy working with colleagues and appreciate your day.








Sharing what we do

Vatech’s low-dose technology

The best kind of sharing we can do is contributing to making a better world with our innovations.
Vatech’s low-dose technology provides a safer environment for young women, elderly, adolescents, patients, and dental staff worldwide.

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Lower dose, clearer image

Even the shortest exposure to radiation can have a consequence. That’s why Vatech strove to develop a new generation of imaging technology that guarantees a high-resolution image with a low dose. With Vatech’s high-sensitivity detector and imaging algorithm, both patients and staff can feel safe from radiation.

Safe and Convenient diagnosis with a rapid scan technology

A quick scan minimizes patient movement (motion artifact) and maximizes efficiency for clinics.
Vatech’s rapid scan technology reduced 3D scan time to 2.9 sec. and Ceph to 1.9 sec. (based on Green X product). In less than 5 seconds, dentists can get information for their patients.


Sending our products to where they need.

Our mission is to provide the right technology and products to the people who need them most.
Many people around the world are still suffering from poor dental care.
Vatech donate dental X-rays and other products to the places where our technologies can make a difference.

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Supporting medical care in the community.

Mobile Dental Clinic Project ‘Give-a-smile’

We are running a mobile dental clinic with the Smile Foundation.   our employees and their families team up with dentists
to reach out to people with disabilities and to give them the proper dental care they need.

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Teaming up with our neighbors

1:1 Friendship Project –with seniors living alone.

Seniors without families feel more isolated and lonelier during holidays. We are running a friendship program for seniors in our community.
In the spring we go on a picnic together. when leaves change colors in fall, we invite them to our company to make rice cakes and play a traditional game called yutnori.
On weekends, we visit their homes to help them clean and spend quality time.
It’s not a one-time get-together. We want to be their friend and family.

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1:1 Friendship Project – with residents in Hwaseong Areum Village

Residents in Hwaseong Areum village are separated by their families due to their disabilities. But they have big hearts than anyone we met.
we spend time with them like any friend and family would do – go to walk, picnic or sit and talk with them.
More times we spend, stronger our friendship becomes.
our friendship programs have been continued for years already and will go on.

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Sharing our life at Bazaar

Sharing Bazaar: Let’s go minimal for our happiness

We all have it - clothes stuck in the closet, electronic devices sit with dust, toys your children used to play, and so on.
Twice a year, we set up a bazaar in the company to share the items once we held dear to us but no longer in use.
All the money earned during the Bazaar is donated in names of donor and buyer to support dance class for children with chronic disease.

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Making people smile with Hwaansiwon (Hwa-An-Si-Won)

The idea came as we tried to find a way to give more people a smile. We hope that more people took a break from their busy day
by watching beautiful flowers planted by employees at Vatech Networks.

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