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it is the world's first technology

developed by Vatech Networks.

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The world’s first soft intraoral sensor

Taking an image inside of the mouth used to be painful and uncomfortable. Vatech’s soft sensor has changed it all.
Comfortably fit on the arch of the mouth, it reduces the pain of patient significantly while accessing crystal clear images which help doctors to make the best decisions for their patients.

  • Flexible CMOS sensor
  • Elastic silicone-like materials that reduces a pain of patients
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Smart CT capturing 2D and 3D at once

The demands for orthodontic and implant surgeries are growing worldwide. Smart CT by Vatech delivers 2D panoramic images and 3D CT images at once, making the procedure faster, safer, and more efficient than before.

  • Image reconstruction algorithm unique to Smart CT
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The world’s fastest Low-dose CT

Though essential for health, the impact of radiation exposure cannot be ignored. That’s why we decided to introduce ‘Green CT,’ the world’s first CT with the lowest radiation exposure that delivers accurate images promptly.

  • Rapid scan time with a quick-scan technology
  • A high-sensitivity sensor and image precision algorithm.

Weightless radiation shield with a protection rate above 90% (from a X-ray exposure)

We got an idea from the fact that the majority of dental staff are young women with a high chance of pregnancy. To allow dental staff to work in a radiation-free environment, we launched a lightweight gown that can adequately shield them from repetitive exposure.

  • 1/10 the weight (500–600 g) of a conventional lead clothing
  • A radiation shielding rate of 90% or more based on oral sensor imaging (irradiation conditions: 60kVp, 2.5mA, 0.25sec)
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The world’s lightest CNT portable X-ray.

A heavyweight device is not only uncomfortable but could also be misleading. Vatech’s CNT(Carbon Nanotube) allows smooth and precise imaging acquisition for doctors and staff yet weights only half of other products in the market.

  • 1.5 kg, A lightweight to be held comfortably in one hand.
  • Tube voltage and current settings ideal for crystal-clear image
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The world’s first 2.5D X-ray

What if the depth is added to a 2D panoramic image so that dentists can see beyond flat images
2.5D X-ray provides a unique insight by delivering 41 multi-layer images.  By doing so, uncovering hidden dental problems such as multi-root or multi-canal became easier than ever for doctors.

  • Features Insight NAVI diagnostic software that provides a multilayer image of the selected area from a panoramic image
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The most exclusive X-ray Detector for equine

Horses are sensitive animals and require a fast and accurate diagnosis in a familiar environment. To manage the injuries and health of expensive racehorses, we developed the world's first detector that implements horse-specific X-ray images.

  • Tube voltage and current settings ideal for horse-specific X-ray image
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