Business Philosophy

Business Principles

Vatech Networks pursues happiness.
With unparalleled global competitiveness, we aim to become the No. 1 global leader in creating good jobs.
We envision a happy world for everyone enjoys Smart Work, Work Life Balance, and Gratitude through Sharing.


We contribute to a better world
with new technologies and products.


We’re a champion in the making –
leading global healthcare.


Core Values


Ethical Management

Charter of Ethics

Vatech Networks aims at creating sustainable jobs
and preserving happiness for its members.

For this, we carefully follow regulations
and the code of ethics.


We provide the best products and services
to our customers.


We follow business regulations
and take a full responsibility
for our society.


We strive for mutual growth
with partner companies
through transparent and fair transactions.


We strive to be the best experts
who are faithful to our principles
and the basics.


Code of Ethics

The Code of ethic is the foundation for our decisions and actions. Through fair and transparent business activities, we create values for
all stakeholders of Vatech Networks : customers, partners, employees and neighbors

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