How many hours do you spend on happiness
during the day?

We spend a lot of time on daily problems. What if we can spend more hours on our health, friends, and children rather than cooking dinner? Then our life would look different.


The company can lend some hands. Our onsite daycare ‘Ewoo-I’ and daily service provider ‘Vaumi’ aim at helping our works to coup with daily tasks such as, doing laundry and taking care of children. Our annual program, ‘Walk in Shikoku’ also helps workers leave from the hustle of day – These programs are dedicated to one goal: encouraging employees to spend more time on their happiness.


You may see our efforts ‘strange’ if you think of a company as a workplace. We believe that the company should be a place to find happiness as well as to make money for the family. For this, we will continue to walk with our employees so that more of us can discover happiness from the workplace.


Onsite Daycare

Vatech Networks’s onsite daycare, “Ewoo-I”, helps parents to raise healthy and bright children.

We understand that good parenting demands a lot of energy and time.
By sharing the responsibility of childcare with employees, we hope to help them stay happy both at home and at work.


Ewoo-I provides the best environment for children

The largest onsite childcare
in Korea

Located inside of Vatech Networks HQ
constitute an area of 1,443 ㎡


play area

Because the classroom to play area
has a 5 to 5 ratio,
an endless array of
various activities are possible

teacher-to-child ratio

The number of teachers per each child is lower than the national standard, meaning every child at Ewoo-I can receive loving attention and care based on an understanding of each child.


Ewoo-I’s education goal l is simple: fostering each child’s ability to ask and solve questions. We promote inquisitive learnings in the classroom based on annual-projects.

Dedicated teacher
and professional staffs

Qualified staff fullfills our dedication to children.
Teachers, nutritionists, nurses,
Cooks, research teacher, and PE trainers at Ewoo-I are working as one team.

Recruiting and training
for professional child educators.

We believe that educators should be professional as well as dedicated.
Ewoo-I works with HQ human resource team to find teachers with dedication and talents.

Children’s gym
and PE teacher

The gym is the size of a basketball court and is fully reserved for PE class and fun activities
every morning led by a PE teacher.

Parent Education and
Parental Involvement

Conducting Parent Education and Participation Activities to Foster Parental Growth with Their Children br Promoting Active and Meaningful Communication Leveraging the Strengths of Workplace Childcare Centers

Active Support from Vatech Networks

Operating without parental financial burden through a high proportion of annual company relocation funds per child


Automated environmental
management system

Air, noise, and light are all under control of the AEM(Automated Environmental Management) system to ensure children’s safety and comfort.


Our 24/7 control room
monitors the daycare in real time
to prevent and respond to the accident


YouTube ‘EWOO-I rang’

Introduction of Educational Activities through YouTube Channel, Supporting 'Understanding' of Child Development



Fitness Center

Ewoo Gym makes sure that all employees at Vatech Networks can stay healthy through daily exercise programs.

1:1 Training session

Professional trainers advise diet plan
and map out exercise programs that suit individual’s need

Indoor screen golf

Five screen golf facilities
for beginners and professionals

GX Program

Various group exercise classes
- weight lifting, pilates, and yoga are available free.

Onsite gym

Our onsite gym is open for easy-to-go exercise
- badminton, table tennis, and basketball and open for free

Diet Management

Buffet-style breakfast and salad in lunch
help people stay balanced.

Health Counseling Program

Customized Stress Management Physical Health Promotion Program Support


Vaumi Program

Standing for ‘Vatech+Helper’, Vaumi was created in the hope of helping employees spend more time with their loved ones by reducing times for daily errands.
Workers can sign up for the service any times a day, ranging from shoe repair to issuance of seal certificates.

Mailing Service
Laundry and Repair Service
Shoe Repair
Issuing administrative documents
Watch Repair

Cafeteria and food culture

Three times a day, we ask the same question: “what shall I eat today?” Workplace restaurant at Vatech Networks offer a variety of answers.

Breakfast is given in buffet style while dinners have two options – homemade style or low-calories. Or you may take out ready-made meals for your family.

We don’t want people to lose their precious time worrying about what to eat. Instead, we wish our workers to spend more times for their family and happiness.



8 a.m.

As much – or as little – as you would like

Buffet style breakfast
accommodates different tastes of each worker.

12 p.m.

A course: Korean traditional
B course: Fusion
C course: Salad for people on diets
You can choose a lunch menu that suits your taste.

7 p.m.

Take-out meals are served
for singles, working couples
or anyone who is tired of cooking.


Pilgrimage to Shikoku

It’s the longest pilgrimage in Asia. We offer the Shikoku Pilgrimage for five nights and six days every year.

You can look deep into your daily life and meditate to become a person leading a happier life.
Employees at Vatech have been walking the 1,200-kilometer pilgrimage since 2011.

5th Pilgrimage Participants

I thought that families always demanded an excessive amount of attention from each other. Seeing my family after coming back from Shikoku, I realized that changing my family into how I want them to be is not attention, but rather, obsession.

8th Pilgrimage Participants

After so much walking, I realized how stressed I had been at home: personal woes, family problems, and rocky relationships with coworkers, and so forth. By reflecting on each of them, I was able to leave them on the road and take one step further.

9th Pilgrimage Participants

My view of the world took a slightly different angle by 5 degrees. One may say the change isn’t significant. But it continues to widen as you keep going. At one point, I might look back at myself and realize that I’ve become a humble person after walking Shikoku.

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