Vatech Networks is a global healthcare company consists of 8 family companies, 18 overseas subsidiaries, and offices including VATECH, a global dental imaging specialist. A pioneer in dental X-ray systems in Korea, Vatech Networks is now a leading player in the global dental imaging market. Nearly 80% of sales made from the overseas. The company continues to expand its leadership in the global dental imaging market with innovative, human-oriented and quality guaranteed products.

  • (주)바텍이우홀딩스 CI

    Vatech Networks Management and Holding Company

  • 주식회사 바텍 CI

    No.1 Dental imaging company 

  • 레이언스 CI

    Digital X-ray solution specialist

  • vatech mcis.png

    Dental device and solution provider

  • 이우소프트

         Dental diagnostic imaging software specialist 

  • (주)바텍 이엔지 CI

    Medical device engineering and solution provider 

  • 바텍에스엔시

    Food and Cultural Service provider 

  • 우리엔

    Vet imaging device and Software solution provider 


Global Network

VATECH Networks has built a global network of relationships and is able to respond to customer needs immediately.

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Overseas companies & subsidiaries



Malaysia / Brazil / Taiwan / Australia / Mexico / China / India / Hong Kong / Russia / France / USA / UK / Spain / Vietnam


USA / Mexico


Overseas offices



USA / Germany


Mexico / Europe (Germany)/Japan


About Us

To realize the value of excellence, innovation, and sharing
Vatech Networks 

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