Web Accessibility Compliance

Korean Web Content Accessibility 2.1 Compliance

The “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1”, a web accessibility compliance standard, consists of 24 indicators based on four principles: ease of recognition, ease of operation, ease of understanding, and robustness.

Vatech Networks has designed its website to comply with web accessibility guidelines to make it easier for all users to access web content.

It is possible for disabled users to use the website without any issues through the use of screen reading software (screen readers) even if one cannot use a mouse or cannot hear sound.


What is Web Accessibility?

Anyone who uses Web content should be able to access it in any situation or environment.

Tim Berners Lee, who created the World Wide Web, defined the Web as a space where everyone can easily share information. That is, regardless of physical or technical conditions, web contents are recognized, convenient to use, and easy to understand.


The beginning of a world without discrimination, Vatech Networks

Vatech Networks is committed to Web accessibility, ensuring that vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly can access and understand information on the Internet without discrimination on an equal basis.

We are striving to improve our web environment so that all users, including vulnerable customers, can access our web content more conveniently in accordance with the provisions and provisions defined in the “Act on the Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities and the Remedies for Access to Web Content” 2.1.

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