We wait for you

We are looking for talented people who can add vitality to our corporate culture.
Based on the freedom, effectiveness, and professionalism of each person, we want to make a company that everyone can thrive.


We love the person like this :


The person who knows the value of what he/she does and takes pride in it

the person who understands why he/she works.

The person who respect others and resist irrational workplace practice.

The person opens to the challenges for self-improvement.

The person who always aims at becoming an expert in his/her field.

The person who boldly embrace a new perspective


How we recruit

An impressive resume doesn’t tell us who the right person is
So we came up with a more reasonable way to find talented people to join our team.

For Vatech Networks, talent is not a skill that meets the standards of the society,
it is the ability and readiness to embrace our vision, culture and take pride in our work.
That’s why we go for ‘open-recruitment for all’ to find new people who will learn and grow with us.

V-net test for everyone

We don’t want to miss you out because of your GPA and resume.
Tell us your experience and thoughts.

No picture on Resume

No statistics say a good-looking person
is the best worker.
We want to focus on your talent and potentials rather than how you look.

Casual outfits on interview day

Why can’t I go casual for an interview?
Feel free to wear your comfortable outfits
We’re much more interested in
your story than how you dress.

Preliminary Video Interview

Your time is as precious as our time.
so we found a way to cut down your travel time but still have an engaging conversation.
Let’s meet more comfortably in your room, at a café , or in any other space you want.


Recruitment Process

We focus on your story regardless of your background.

All applicants are qualified to take V-NAT (Vatech Networks Aptitude Test)


Anyone/No picture on resume/No need to list qualifications


For all applicants


Online video interview

Final interview
Move Top