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Vatech and Yonsei University Establish Global Medical Device Research Hub, Accurax Imaging Center


Vatech and Yonsei University

Establish Global Medical Device Research Hub, Accurax Imaging Center

[보도자료] 16일 바텍-연세대 Accurax Imaging 연구센터 개소식, 연세대학교 서승환 총장(좌측 세번째)과 바텍 네트웍스 노창준 회장(우측 세번째), 바텍 김선범 대표(우측 첫번째)와 관련자가 개소식에 참석했다..jpg


● On the 16th, the 'Yonsei University-Vatech Accurax Imaging Research Center' held its opening ceremony at Yonsei University's Sinchon campus (Seoul).

● With the donation of state-of-the-art X-RAY CT equipment, expectations are high for the activation of joint research in medical X-ray diagnostic equipment.


Global leader in dental diagnostic equipment, Vatech (043150, CEO Hyun Jung-hoon/Kim Sun-beom,, held the opening ceremony for the 'Yonsei University-Vatech Accurax Imaging Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the AI Center)' on the 16th at Yonsei University's Sinchon campus. The event was attended by Yonsei University President Seo Seung-hwan, Professor Baek Jong-deok (Center Director), Vatech Networks Chairman Ro Chang-joon, Vatech CEO Kim Sun-beom, and Research Director Choi Sung-il, among other key figures.


The AI Center serves as a collaborative research hub between Vatech and Yonsei University, focusing on various technological elements applied to dental/medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. Vatech has equipped the Yonsei Sinchon campus with state-of-the-art facilities and donated X-ray CT equipment worth 500 million won, establishing a research environment specialized in the development of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment.


The AI Center operates in the form of 'Open Innovation,' allowing various research entities with expertise to participate flexibly. Various research entities, including Yonsei University's AI Convergence College, School of Dentistry, Department of Computational Science and Engineering, and the Bio-Imaging Data Research Institute, collaborate. The research areas include the integration and development of various technological elements for dental/medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, development of hardware technology required for commercialization based on reconstruction algorithms, and research into various convergence technologies such as clinical consultations.


Yonsei University President Seo Seung-hwan stated, "The AI Center created by Yonsei University and Vatech will not only play a crucial role as a hub for revolutionary improvement in medical image quality but will also serve as a platform to foster the next generation of (medical) scientists, AI engineers, and innovators leading research in medical artificial intelligence."


Vatech Networks Chairman Ro Chang-joon mentioned, "The foundation that allowed Vatech to become the world leader in dental CT was technological innovation, and our collaboration with Yonsei University in X-ray imaging technology development dates back to 2010." He added, "Through the AI Center inaugurated today, we anticipate the development and rapid commercialization of various new technologies that will lead the dental/medical market."

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